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Sample Hypnosis Script: Stress-Reduction

You can use this sample stress-reduction script to record your own self-hypnosis session. Or purchase additional scripts in the store, purchase audio recordings, or schedule a visit.


Bring your attention to your breath. Begin by focusing on your breath and take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, think, "Calm and relaxed." Again, take another deep breath in and as you exhale, think, "Calm and relaxed." Once more, another deep breath in and as you exhale, if you haven't closed your eyes already, let your eyelids close. [If you take showers. . .] Imagine you are walking into a warm [hot] shower. The water is flowing over your head like a wave of relaxation. It passes through the crown of your head, and your crown begins to relax. And the muscles of your face: let them relax. Let the relaxation flow into your jaw and feel it becoming more loose and relaxed. Now let the wave of relaxation flow into the muscles of your neck. And into your shoulders. Now let your shoulders begin to relax. You know, it's said that we carry our stresses and tensions in our shoulders. So take a moment now to allow all the stress and tension in those shoulders to release. Just want it to happen and it happens. Your shoulders are becoming very relaxed now. They may even slump a bit, and that's okay. Now let the relaxation flow down your back and relax all the large and the small muscles in your back. These are the muscles that work so hard all day long to hold you upright. Just let them relax. And from your shoulders allow that wave of relaxation to flow down your arms and into your hands. You have nothing at all to do right now except breath and relax. Now let the relaxation flow around your sides and come up into your chest, relaxing the muscles in your chest. This includes the heart muscle. And the muscles of your diaphram that moves down and lets the fresh air rush into your lungs and then presses up on your lungs and pushes the spent [used] air out. Just allowing all these muscles to relax as your breathing slows and yet, your body receives plenty of air for its needs. Now let the wave of relaxation flow into your stomach and middle body, into your lower body, and into your pelvis and buttocks. You are becoming so comfortable and relaxed that the tension is dissolving out of your body with each breath. Your legs are becoming like sponges, and now your thighs are soaking up relaxation, and your knees, like sponges, are soaking up relaxation. Your calves are soaking up relaxation, and your ankles. Now the relaxation flows through your feet. Your entire body is relaxed, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Imagine yourself at the top of a stairway with ten steps going down, into your inner world. I will count from ten to one. With each count, imagine yourself going down another step. When I say the number one, you will find yourself in peaceful place, where you will feel calm, safe, and happy. Starting at ten, take a step down to nine. And another step down to eight, feeling more and more calm. And another step down to seven, going deeper and deeper. Take the next step down to six, more and more relaxed. And then down to five. You are halfway there, to your inner world, and when I say the number one, you will be ten times more relaxed than you are right now. Take the next step down to four. And another step down to three, deeper and deeper relaxed. Now the next step down to two. And one. Find yourself there now, in a beautiful, peaceful place. When you find [imagine, see, sinse, feel] yourself in this special place, notice the peace, the tranquility, the privacy, the security. Notice the satisfaction that you feel. And there are so many sensations to enjoy. Begin to pay attention to what you see here [short pause]. . .what you are hearing [pause] . . . notice the aromas and smells [pause] . . . focus for a moment on the feeling of the air against your skin [pause] . . . you can almost taste the freshness of the air [pause] . . . Now just rest for a few moments, here, in this special, peaceful place, and allow your body to absorb deeply the peacefulness and security you have discovered here, and when you hear my voice again, you will move back to the stairway that you came down [pause] . . . It is time to return to your outer world of waking consciousness. Find yourself at the bottom of the stairway with the ten steps, this time going up. I will count from one to three, and at the count of three, if you aren't there already, you will be at the bottom of the stairway. One -- two -- three -- Good! I will count from one to ten. You will come back to your outer world, feeling refreshed as if you've had several hours of deep, restorative sleep, relaxed, energized, and ready to go on with your day [evening]. If you are in bed and about to go to sleep, you will ignore the count and go deeper into a sound sleep. [With the voice a little louder and faster] At step number one, coming up. Step two, coming up higher. Step three, you are coming up and coming back. Step four and step five. Step six, coming back, continuing to feel this wonderful, calm and relaxed feeling. Step seven, feeling the refreshing energy beginning to flow in your arms and legs. Step eight, energy flowing through your torso, your breath deepening. Step nine, relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go on with your day. And TEN! When you are ready, let your eyelids open.

Dr. Cynthia Davis, Ph.D., is a certified hypnotherapist conducting a full range of services in-office or on Zoom or Skype.

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