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The Past

"People would say, 'You have to forgive and forget. It's all over now.' But it wasn't over for me--it was like an ingrained part of me."

How does a person heal the past?


If only thinking “I forgive” would bring about the clarity and freedom a person wants!

But usually the thoughts and the impact on the body linger and even haunt a person. This is because every event of a lifetime is recorded in the memory bank of the unconscious mind. Traumatic events create an intense mental focus; therefore, they are experienced in a trance state, which multiplies the impressions and impact (the memories).

In addition, there is no sense of time or space in the unconscious mind. For example, in dreams, one moves from one time or place to another without sequence or causation. This time/space fusion, combined with the trance state, causes the mind and body to experience those events as if they are still happen8ing, even though the events are over. The same feelings of fear, grief, anger, etc., are experienced as if the event is still real.

This explains “triggers.”  Something happens that is similar to some aspect of the traumatizing event, and the entire event is re-experienced to some extent. A flashback is a total re-living of the original traumatizing event.  

In hypnosis, facilitated by a skilled and knowledgeable therapist, these experiences are re-visited in a relaxed state so that the mind can learn that the traumatizing event is no long going on. As soon as this re-visit is complete, the feelings, emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns are released. From that moment, you are FREE of the constraints that originated in the past, and you begin to move in a positive direction by replacing the former inhibiting, sabotaging, or limiting behaviors with the new, desired positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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