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The messages below are just a sample written by real clients who have found relief and met their goals at the Hypnosis Clinic of Indiana. Let's talk about how we can meet yours.

8 Pounds Lost in 3 Weeks
"Cindy! This is J.B. . . . I promised to keep in touch with you, and I have good news for you. I have lost 8 pounds! Thanks to you, dear." — J.B.

Stopped Smoking in One Session

"It'll be a year on Memorial Day. When I got up from [your] chair, I thought, 'This will last maybe a couple of hours and I'll be buying a pack, by tonight.' AND I NEVER DID... it was great, BUT for the first couple of months I used a lot of chewing gum!"  — K.M.


Dr. Davis's comment: K.M. truly became a non-smoker. During this past year her mother, with whom she is very close, came down with a potentially terminal disease. K.M. took on an additional part-time job to help out. She called once to say she MIGHT need a brush-up session due to the stress of her mother's illness. She did not have to have that session, and she still is a non-smoker.

Pain Relief from Whiplash

"Finally some relief for my neck pain! It's been three months since I've had a good night's sleep [from whiplash]. I think the relaxation of the hypnosis really helped."  — B.Z.

10 Pounds Lost in One Month

"I have lost 10 pounds [in a month] and really feeling great. I notice that my clothes are getting looser and looser, and that is just a great feeling. This is just a huge amount of weight for me. I have never lost that much and have been able to keep it off for an extended amount of time. Even [my husband] is noticing that I'm losing weight. I hope this summer I will have to buy more clothes in smaller sizes also."  — C.H.

Going Deeper

"At my first appointment with Cindy I didn't know what to expect. I didn't feel like I had been 'hypnotized,' but could tell that hypnosis may be something good for me.

I originally went to Cindy for weight loss. She really got to the root of my overeating problem and why I turned to food for comfort. Some of the root causes were based on how I reacted to what was not working in my life.

Through hypnosis she's even helped me to improve my relationship with my mother and helped me get through a conflict with a coworker.

Her approach is one of genuine concern and caring for her clients. She has certainly helped me get through some difficult times, and improved my life for the better."  — B.L.

My Story

Enhanced Intimacy

"I wanted to give you an update for your magic that you have worked, not only have things gotten better for me, now [my wife] is coming to me for sex, WOW! ... As far as she goes, what a big difference. It’s not so much that all of a sudden she is exceptionally sexual, it’s more that she is receptive to be intimate. The other thing is that she is more affectionate and willing to kiss passionately. We have not kissed like that for many, many years. I would say that the therapy has gotten us 75% to where we want to be. Thanks so much for your help!"  — R.P.

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