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Immediate Relief,
Lasting Change


Weight Loss

"Diets never worked for me."

"I hated my body."
"My family thought I had no willpower."

"I was depressed all the time."

Hypnosis for Weight-Loss
If you are significantly overweight, you've probably become an expert at dieting, and have possibly lost weight many times, only to find that it comes right back again. That's because changing your diet, in and of itself, doesn't change how you think, feel, and behave around food. Hypnotherapy does. Hypnosis helps you lose the weight and keep it off, without the cravings, hunger, and anxiety that you might have experienced in the past. Hypnotherapy can help you succeed this time and keep the weight off.

NEW PROGRAM for Treating Obesity with
Simulated Gastric Bypass Surgery in Hypnosis

If you have ever seriously considered gastric lap band or bypass surgery and don't want to undergo surgery, do it painlessly and effectively with hypnosis. Dr. Davis has just completed the design of her new gastric lap band surgery hypnosis program. No pain, no gain--only loss! Live as if you've had surgery without the cost in physical suffering and money.


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