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Immediate Relief,
Lasting Change



Dr. Davis customizes hypnotherapy services for a wide range of special requests.


See the most requested "Services" in the top dropdown menu or call to discuss your specific needs today.

A Bit About Me

Hypnosis can be powerfully effective for specific needs and conditions we see beyond the list in the dropdown "Services" menu above. Requests have included hypnosis for autoimmune disorders, paralysis, fybromyaligia, compulsions, and much more. Hypnosis utilizes the power of your own mind and body to heal and change. Dr. Davis can create customized guides to move you through the process, after listening closely to your experiences and needs. Reach out to discover the possibilities.

See our clients' success storiescontact Dr. Davis, or explore resources to get started!

You can access the full list of "hypnotherapy Services" in the top dropown menu.

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