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Can You Really Tell Yourself To Love Yourself? When Affirmations Fall Short

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Many people use "affirmations" to try to replace or "overwrite" negative beliefs with conscious repetition of positive beliefs. Can these techniques work?

The goal is usually to achieve self-love, financial well-being, good health, and lasting relationships. It's widely believed that such manifestation can be achieved through meditation, visualization, vision boards, self-affirmations, and other practices.

And it IS easily achieved, unless . . beliefs, feelings, and attitudes that are not conscious to the person interfere with the manifesting of desires. Chief among these beliefs are those of unworthiness and low self-esteem.

People Respond Differently to Affirmations First, many people do find affirmations to be effective, and all efforts toward leading a happier, healthier life are brave and admirable. However, others find affirmations short-lived or even depressing. For those people, affirmations can be problematic at best and sabotaging at worst.

The Inner Voice Affirmations can be a thin veneer broken by powerful negative “inner voices.” In these cases, the inner voice runs through the subconscious mind resisting a sense of worthiness and self-esteem. Therefore, using affirmations can leave people feel "up" one day and "down" another.

This subconscious resistance, itself, can cause depression. Additionally, there can be feelings of inadequacy around the sense that a person is not able to live up to the words said in the mirror.

Consciously repeating the words "I love myself for who I am" may not be enough to learn self love. Hypnosis can work at a deeper level.

Clearing Subconscious Interference

So what can be done about those unconscious interferences? What about those blockages we’re vaguely aware of – or even afraid of, within ourselves – that seem to be established, unbreakable patterns?“

Hypnotherapy, as we practice it at the Hypnosis Clinic of Indiana, is the tool that accesses the power of your mind to heal itself of these thought-feeling patterns/programs, at a deeper level than affirmations typically reach.

A hypnotherapist can facilitate your own power to discover the roots of your self-sabotage and transform it, so that you are clear to manifest your dreams.

Dr. Cynthia Davis, Ph.D., is a certified hypnotherapist conducting a full range of services in-office or on Zoom or Skype.

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